Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cute bird,Scare bird

"Chidori" means plover .
It is described the scene plover is flying in the sky.

Though its wing is too small to fly,maybe....

I tried to arrange "Chidori" kamon. Where are you in this picture below ? Actutally,I'm pink one sometimes.

By the way, I was attacked by crow this morning. When I go out of my home,the crow approached me from behind many times !! I did't hurt but horrible.I feel depressed if tomorrow is same situation.

Crow hasn't been drawn as "kamon" in Japanese history,I think.So I added crow as a candidate of my original "kamon" design ideas.Crow is scare and treated unlucky bird but originality is so special.

I hope peaceful morning.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The flower on passport

Chrysanthemum is called "kiku" in japanese.
This kamon represents "kiku".
Do you look this mark "kiku" ?
That's why technique of omission and abstraction are implemented Kamon is beautiful. 

Japanese passport's mark looks like "kiku-mon".So I changed color.Have you seen this ?