Saturday, October 19, 2013


Four diamonds.This is Takeda-Bishi(武田菱).菱 means diamond shape.武田 is famouse Japanese Bushi,武田信玄(1521-1573).
This mon is very simple,easy to memorize,easy to recognize company in war field.And I try to put color. It's test.
Isn't cute ? It looks lovely.Color changes impression.It's fun.

I may see that's like badge anywhere.I wish to get such a badge.I put on this my laptop cover.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

When did Kamon start ?

Kamon is used for family's mark to identify each other.It started heian-era(平安時代794 - 1185) Very old people such Japanese noble put kamon their many items.They put kamon mark on their car that works by cow first. I don't know truth,but it's said origin is Tomoe-mon.

Wow,that's powerful,simple mark.My favorite one.And real wheel kamon existed.It's called  源氏車 genji-kuruma "genji(源氏)" is Japanese old noble family's name.

Eight legs imagines 八正道(hatu-sho-do)(one of Buddhism's ideology).