Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cute bird,Scare bird

"Chidori" means plover .
It is described the scene plover is flying in the sky.

Though its wing is too small to fly,maybe....

I tried to arrange "Chidori" kamon. Where are you in this picture below ? Actutally,I'm pink one sometimes.

By the way, I was attacked by crow this morning. When I go out of my home,the crow approached me from behind many times !! I did't hurt but horrible.I feel depressed if tomorrow is same situation.

Crow hasn't been drawn as "kamon" in Japanese history,I think.So I added crow as a candidate of my original "kamon" design ideas.Crow is scare and treated unlucky bird but originality is so special.

I hope peaceful morning.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The flower on passport

Chrysanthemum is called "kiku" in japanese.
This kamon represents "kiku".
Do you look this mark "kiku" ?
That's why technique of omission and abstraction are implemented Kamon is beautiful. 

Japanese passport's mark looks like "kiku-mon".So I changed color.Have you seen this ?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Incremental mark

Today is "Tomoe".This type has many variations.
What do you look this mark ? I saw snake or chlid of flog.

Splited two !! It looks like "Yin and yang".

And three. I think "Tomoe" represents the power on balance.If one of peaces is lost,left will be broken.They are dependent each other.This is a truth about construction of the world.

Kamon is very simple,but it includes deep meanings.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My family's symbol

This is first time I write about kamon on Web.So I show you my family's symbol mark.This is called "Maru ni nihon-biki"."Maru" means circle,"nihon-biki" says there are two lines.This design is so simple and easy to memorize.I like it !!

"Kamon" is can be seen Japanese family event,or Japanese historical book.Wedding party,funeral,festival ... we stech "Kamon" on cloth,artifact,nameplate and we identify family groups.

I'll show you sometihng about "Kamon" on this blog from now.Have fun !!