Saturday, October 19, 2013


Four diamonds.This is Takeda-Bishi(武田菱).菱 means diamond shape.武田 is famouse Japanese Bushi,武田信玄(1521-1573).
This mon is very simple,easy to memorize,easy to recognize company in war field.And I try to put color. It's test.
Isn't cute ? It looks lovely.Color changes impression.It's fun.

I may see that's like badge anywhere.I wish to get such a badge.I put on this my laptop cover.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

When did Kamon start ?

Kamon is used for family's mark to identify each other.It started heian-era(平安時代794 - 1185) Very old people such Japanese noble put kamon their many items.They put kamon mark on their car that works by cow first. I don't know truth,but it's said origin is Tomoe-mon.

Wow,that's powerful,simple mark.My favorite one.And real wheel kamon existed.It's called  源氏車 genji-kuruma "genji(源氏)" is Japanese old noble family's name.

Eight legs imagines 八正道(hatu-sho-do)(one of Buddhism's ideology).

Monday, July 1, 2013

Japanese lucky bird

Cute.This is goose.

Goose had said it takes lucky.Some family used as 雁金紋(kari-gane-mon).柴田勝家(Katuie-shibata)(Nobunaga's follwer) used too.

White pattern is also funny.
And There are many arrange pattern.This is one oh them.It imagines us flying scene.

Oh,actually real goose is not so funny face like above mon(^^).

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kamon Wallpaper

Let's set this wallpaper on your desktop PC. Download it,set image to desktop wallpaper as tile pattern.

Following is my desktop. As sample.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


You may see Ageha-NEON if you come Japan (^^).

This base is Ageha-mon(armed type).

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Buddhism sparkle

This is 七宝紋(shi-ppo-mon).七 is seven,宝 means treasure.This sparkle is treasure's  sparkle.

What is seven treasures ? It is from Buddhism.
  1. 金(gold)
  2. 銀(silver)
  3. 瑠璃(lapis lazuli)
  4. 玻璃(quartz)
  5. 硨磲(Tridacninae) ... shell
  6. 珊瑚(coral)
  7. 瑪瑙(agate)
Oh,That's kanji is pretty difficult for me. I don't use usually,Let's check added stars pattern.

This is trinity pattern.

And this additional pattern is 大岡七宝紋(o-oka-shi-po-mon).大岡越前's family crest.He is Japanese drama hero such as 水戸黄門(mito-ko-mon),銭形平次(zeni-gata-heiji).

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pins arrange part-2

This is pins arrange part-2.Let's chek part-1 too.

It is based on '中陰八重桔梗紋'(chu-in-yae-kikyo-mon).

I'd like to make these pins in real... Maybe,difficult to make.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Currency very old

Japanese old currency was made model of kamon,too. Okay,first is popular it.Do you know whose mon is this ?
This is 六文銭(roku-mon-sen).真田幸村(Yukimura Sanada)'s family symbol.He is so famous.He is taken as game or comic hero in Japan.

Japanese old currency must be pierced.I think this hall was strung by cord instead of wallet.

And let's see some arrangement pattern.'裏浪銭紋'(ura-nami-sen-mon) is mixed wave.And pierced too.(^^)

This pattern is '六ツ念銭紋'(mutu-nen-sen-mon).'念' means 'to pray silently'.These currency represent wish.

I don't know why currency was used as kamon design.They might be banker,generate currency,or rend money.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pins arrange

Do you want pins like this ? If it exists real...

This mon is one of Kikyo(桔梗) type.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Arrangement for girls

I've seen it looks like this before and somewhere.Especially girls like it.

This base is 轡紋(kutuwa-mon).轡 means horse's bit.This mon made at Sengoku era.Pattern is pretty simple.

Currently,this mon becomes popular by comics title is 'Drifters'.轡紋 is the hero's family mon in this comics.The hero's name is 島津豊久(Toyohisa Shimazu).

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cool summer

Japanese summer is so moist.We need cool one to live.I think '浴衣'(yukata) design should  use kamon pattern like this.

Asagao is summer popular flower.And blue and purple gives cool impression.
Base mon is that.

Butterfly pattern

'揚羽'(ageha) pattern is popular too.

It's used '平家'(heike) family.Very traditional pattern.

Let's see other arrangements.This is armed.That means '鎧'(armor).

Mixed with flower.'撫子'(nadesiko).

'南天'(nan-ten) is mixed.

Mixed with Chinese flower design pattern '唐花'(kara-hana).

I don't know what is mixed.Maybe crab.It seems 折り紙(ori-gami). It looks like '兜'(kabuto),Japanese samurai helm.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Seimei's mon

'桔梗'(ki-kyo) is popular kamon.

Because famous Japanese family had Kikyo style mon.

  • 明智光秀(Mitsuhide Akechi)
  • 加藤清正(Kiyomasa Kato)
  • 安倍晴明(Abeno Seimei)

Oh,It's shot.

Added pentagon.

This is 晴明's mon. So abstracted,I can't see this Kikyo style (^^).

Golden butterfly


I hope to find it in real world.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The old bushi's symbol

 '竜胆'(rindo) was taken as symbol of 源氏(genji) that is Japanese very old Bushi group. Their kamon is also rindo.

This is '笹竜胆紋'(sasa-rindo-mon).sasa is bamboo leaf.It's mixed rindo and sasa.Genji Bushi's symbol mark.

Added Circle '丸ニ竜胆紋'(maru-ni-rindo-mon).

This is omitted bamboo leafs.'二葉竜胆紋'(huta-ba-rindo-mon).At first,we can not recognize this is a kind of rindo model.

'竜胆車紋'(rindo-guruma-mon) is rindo wheel !! It's powerful than original rindo-mon.

'葉隠竜胆紋'(yo-in-rindo-guruma) is one of rindo-guruma.This is a one of design method.Base model is inversed.I don't know historical reason.But I think there were some reasons why the bushi used this mon or had to use.

This is interesting.Rindo and butterfly is united. '竜胆花蝶紋'(rindo-ka-cho-mon).Cool design.